Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Automatically update availability and prices on all online sales channels


Are you tired of wasting time every day and incurring the risk of overbooking?

Create your rates and set different price ranges. Send them to online sales channels in one click. Work with real time updated availability thanks to a two-way communication system with the PMS. Receive reservations with already filled in data.

Which advantages do you obtain from a unique centralized system?

  • Grant each channel maximum availability to obtain the most visibility

  • Set minimum stay, opening and closing dates in one click for all channels

  • Optimize sales by room typology by automatically increasing availability of the most requested category without reducing it from the others.

Why should I update many channels, when only a few actually sell?

Even if the channels that sell are only the main ones, it is fundamental to obtain the most visibility possible. Indeed, the least renowned online travel agencies become a precious traffic source towards the official website and represent a true opportunity for disintermediation.

Is it suitable for you as well?

If you find yourself in one of the following three situations, then the channel manager is the correct tool for your hotel:

  • If you do NOT use a hotel property management system but want to optimize sales on online travel agencies

  • If you use a third party software and want to implement a channel manager with an XML interface

  • If you use an ericsoft property management system and want to implement the only natively integrated channel manager with a two-way communication system