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Content Management System

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Which skills are required to manage a website?

Generally, website management is a complex task, but thanks to the Ericsoft CMS (Content Management System) it becomes a simple activity that can be carried out from anybody even without possessing advanced IT skills. The administrative portion (back end) of the CMS is extremely intuitive and it is used by personnel for the organization and supervision of new online content creation. The applicative portion (front end) instead, offers an extremely simple browsing experience and it is used by web users to access website content and its extensions.

An ericsoft expert always at your side

While using the CMS system you will have the possibility to be assisted by an ericsoft technician that will personally help you during the creation of your website and you will have full control over which content you wish to upload. You will also always be able to look up any explanation in the online manual, which is constantly being updated by our team of professionals. Creating a new website has never been so simple.

Highly customizable

The new generation technology adopted in developing the CMS, allows to offer a website characterized by a modern and user friendly design, with an entirely customizable front-page.
Colors, sections, images and descriptions can be easily and rapidly personalized.




Always obtain the maximum visibility

Your website will be visible at any time from any browser. Moreover, the responsive template will always grant a correct visualization on all devices.

Furthermore, thanks to the advanced features of the CMS software, your website will have the correct indexation on web browsers. If you wish to monitor the use of your new website, you will also have the possibility to install in it the parameters for Google Analytics, Google Site, Yahoo and many more.