Risto 4

Risto 4° – Restaurant POS system

Restaurant, bar and pizzeria Point of Sale Systems

Always at your side, from order taking to billing.

The ideal solution for the Food and Beverage industry, that helps you improve the management of a restaurant, bar or pizzeria.

Your restaurant is always fully booked and you are forced to turn away new reservations because you have no more tables available?

With Risto 4°, our Food and Beverage POS System, you will be able to automatize order taking, improve the organization of your restaurant, serve customers in a faster way and consequently be able to handle multiple reservations on the same table during the evening. Additionally, the system will give your staff the possibility to constantly take care of your guests and advise them, thus leading to a higher average expenditure per person.

You have a gourmet restaurant and want to guarantee that your customers receive the best experience possible? A Food and Beverage POS system developed to manage the entire production process, from purchases to inventory management, from tables to orders.


Manage professionally

Restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias, pubs, bars and ice-cream shops. Choose the ideal configuration for an independent point of sale or chain. The Ericsoft Software allows you to monitor sales data, verify operators’ activities, alter permissions based on role or competences and associate tables to waiters for sales analyses.


The advantages of a centralized system

Touch-screen and wireless terminals, allow you to charge orders and send them automatically to the relative departments, without losing contact with your guest. All departments (kitchen, bar, pizzeria, etc.) receive the order on a dedicated thermal printer in real time. In one click only, you will be able to print proforma documents and/or financial documents; charged items details and relative prices will be already codified and automatically display on the bill.

Centralize reservations

Hand held radio devices and tablets can be used and configured for order taking. Multiple summaries and statistics are available to allow you monitor your activity in one click.

Ericsoft Risto 4° is an advanced restaurant POS Software, flexible and easy to use; ideal for any Food and Beverage facility.

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Save time and increase your occupancy rate

Using a professional management software means speeding up the service and being able to have greater control over activities, from inventory management to purchases, from staff to sales.

Our support department is available 365 days a year to answer your needs.


What can Ristò 4° do for you?

Ristò 4° improves the performance of your business and helps you manage daily operations, including:

  • Rapid creation of separate bills for the same table

  • Rapid creation of cumulative bills for multiple tables

  • Verify outstanding bills and collect payments in one click

  • Manage guests’, vendors’ and users’ profiles and access their historical data

  • Manage users’ rights and alter their permissions based on role and competencies

  • Run daily and periodic analyses using dedicated summary reports


Managerial control and analyses

Analyses that you will obtain automatically include the possibility to:

  • Monitor charges, cancellations, issued bills and operators’ activity log

  • Check cover charges, sales and revenue generated in a given time period or divided by guest

  • Monitor consumption, stock and inventory movements

  • Verify advance deposits, outstanding bills and payments

  • Set time slots to monitor performance generated during different work shifts

Why complicate life when you can choose Risto 4°?

Risto 4° reports allow you to monitor orders and bills. Using table and room management features, you will be able to view the number of busy and available tables and the relative seats.

A valuable assistant that provides advice on table occupancy optimization.


You will be able to analyze sales trends per item sold, payment type, table turnover, pending bills, invoices, receipts, meal vouchers, staff’s activities and operators’ cash movements.

Customize the management of your restaurant

With Risto 4° software you will be able to customize in a professional way the layout of your point of sale touch screen


Configure your touch screen

With Risto 4° you will be able to autonomously configure and customize the layout of your touch screen on your POS workstation or hand held devices.


Customize the layout

The layout of the touch screen is customizable and can be modified by adding colors, images and logos of the items offered in your restaurant.

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Is a POS system the right choice for me? Will I be able to use it?

Certainly, you will! Risto 4° is the suitable choice for you, because it will help you simplify and speed up your daily operations thanks to its easy of use.

Don’t worry! An Ericsoft technician will be available for you 365 a year.

A practical, fast and professional system developed to organize an unlimited archive of categories and items, equipped with images and colors that can be used to simplify product identification during order taking.


Food and Beverage POS system

Our system is suitable for any Food & Beverage facility, user-friendly and intuitive will allows you to offer a quick and optimal service.

Risto 4° has been developed for restaurants, pizzerias, bars, take-away and self-service venues.


Do you manage or plan to manage a restaurant chain?

Thanks to the multi-property module, using one single interface, you will be able to manage multiple properties, integrate data and share customers’ profiles, purchase items and sales products.

Are you considering to add a second Food & Beverage venue but feel worried about its management?

No problem! We have technological solutions able to help you manage each property.

A tracking system is useful to monitor activities and sales to improve your business.

The software allows you to manage in a simple and reliable way all food and beverage activities, from order taking to its transmission to the various production centers.

A flexible and modular solution that allows to automatize all sales, accounting, administrative, marketing and logistic activities in a few clicks.


Available Modules



Turn your customers into loyal guest with the Customer Relationship Management

Multi property

Manage all your properties contemporaneously using one single PMS system 

Hospitality Handhelds

Simplify the management and improve the efficiency of your staff



Centrally manage multiple point of sale outlets even in absence of an internet connection


Export your accounting data in standard XML file documents

Stock Control

Automatized and reliable inventory management